Welcome to cityscience.ca – a new online portal meant to connect and foster new initiatives and collaborations that define the initial research projects for strategic work in City Sciences.

The website will include documents and records of the Finding Connections workshop. It will also be a place to share news of events, publications and new initiatives from the network of participants. As site continues to grow, we hope you will participate and contribute to developing content.

We started this website for the October workshop: Finding Connections: Towards a Holistic View of City Systems. The two day meeting brought together academic researchers, students, NGOs and public and private sector practitioners, to explore how we can we apply systems thinking to understand the behavior of complex city systems and build a conceptual framework for evidence based decision support. Additional details can be found here.

The workshop’s detailed schedule can be found here, list of attendees here, and tool talk presentations here. A summary of the workshop is currently underway, and will be circulated shortly.

We’d like to thank all participants for sharing your enthusiasm and ideas. We’ve received great feedback and enabled many new connections. We look forward to new research partnerships and would love to hear of new collaborations and project seeded at this workshop.

Last but not least, thank you to our sponsors – NSERC, OCE, Arup – for their financial support and partners - IBM Canada and Esri Canada for enabling this exciting initiate to grow.



Steve Easterbrook Eric J Miller
Professor, Department of Computer Science Professor, Department of Civil Engineering